Saturday, 14 June 2014

Green Pea Soup

I happen to love this soup and appropriately named it “Green Soup” as its green. It’s the gloopy-ness in the soup that draws my attention. Without having to add any cream or diary product, it is gorgeously smooth and glossy.
There are a lot of pea soups and most of them, I have noticed, are bland. However, I modified the version to suit the taste palate, giving it spicy notes. I love spices (staying true to my roots) and I do not seem to acquire any likeness for bland food. It almost sounds like loathing but in reality it more like disliking and nothing more.  
Not only it is sumptuous, it also holds a lot of nutritional value. Fresh peas and carrots have abundance of nutrients – Vitamin A, C, K, Fibre, B Vitamins, Cartenoids etc. However, using frozen/canned peas and carrots will reduce the nutrients by half. I suggest using fresh produce as it gives a better taste.

This recipes serves two.

For the Green Soup:

½ tsp Whole Cumin
1 cup fresh peas
¼ cup diced carrots
4-5 cloves of garlic
2-3 green chilies
1-2 cups of chicken/vegetable stock
¼ cup chopped fresh coriander/cilantro
1 tbsp mild olive oil
A squeeze of lemon

Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Add the cumin, peas, carrots, garlic and chilies (please adjust it according to the intensity you like. I like it mild and to balance the sweetness of the carrots 3 of them are necessary). Sauté for a minute or so, throw in the Cilantro/Coriander before adding half of the stock and let the peas cook in the stock for about 10 minutes. Once done, blend it to a smooth paste. Return the luscious paste to the pan; add the remaining stock adjusting the desired consistency. I like it a little thick when I have it with toasted Baguette. Check for seasoning. Let it bubble up once again and finish it with a generous squeeze of lemon.

Enjoy the Soup with some crusty bread !!

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