Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cream Centre - Ulubari, G S Road, Guwahati

Cream Centre ..  

I did not have a very brightly appealing start when I first visited Cream Centre, Guwahati. It took me almost a year to forget my experience and maybe reluctantly, I gave it a second shot.

Being a foodie/food writer, I should be able to express my feelings for different types of food without being judgmental or feel particularly inclined towards only one thing. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Vegetarian food is what it would take for my mind or my taste palette to make me forget the awesomeness of having  seductively delicious non vegetarian food. However, I can never come up with anything remotely close that will satisfy my own eagerness to know the answer.

Leaving all my inhibitions behind, I decided to go for another meal to this restaurant. Firstly, before I add anything about the food, the service at this restaurant is good. The servers have a fair share of knowledge of what they are serving to their guests. The service too is quite quick and efficient.

The menu is extensive and appropriately generous. They have a wide selection of food items that should satisfy any kind of foodie. However, upon insisting, I decided to have nachos and corn cheese balls. The corn cheese balls were a pure delight. It had this wonderfully crispy exterior and melting gooey cheese oozing out with every bite. This is one of the must try items on the menu. I would say it pleases and satisfies every food sense inside you but it lacks the quality to please your eyes. The nachos, too, were wonderful. They were light and crispy without being greasy but it was under seasoned. The sauce was extremely creamy on the palette but it was a bit bland. The oomph was missing. Maybe a wedge of lemon served on the side would be able to revive the appetizer to full glory. The salsa tasted sweet and the delicate balance was missing. Again, a lemon wedge would do the trick.

I was absolutely elated by the mains. The paneer lababdar was a perfect balance of creamy and spicy with a very moreish aroma that gelled together with the piquancy of the tomato, onion and cashew gravy and freshness of the paneer. The Takatak sabzi too was a pleasant affair. The mix vegetables in it were well done with a little bit of crunchiness left it in to give it a bite. I paired the curries with kulcha which again was perfectly done and soft chewy butter naan. The Jeera rice was a little under done according to me. Maybe a minute in the steam would have sufficed to push it to perfection. However, overall it was very satisfactory.
I have a special soft corner for desserts and in this case I must say it was the star of the whole meal. The brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream is the one of the best I have ever tasted. The in-house made brownie was soft, fudgy and indulgently gooey. The sizzling hot chocolate sauce was velvety and made the brownie even more devilishly scrumptious. Instead of traditional walnuts, cashews were used which again was a good choice.

An end to a fantastic meal. I recommend the corn cheese balls, paneer lababdar, kulcha and the brownie. With a pure lust for chocolate, I must put forward a suggestion that this is undoubtedly the best brownie in town!!