Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Carrot Pudding

Carrot pudding is a very labor intensive recipe but the final outcome is worth it. I call this labor intensive because it needs a lot of stirring. The use of milk and condensed milk is required in this. Without the dairy products, the intense smooth and creamy texture is impossible to attain. 

In case you can’t find clarified butter, you can use butter. You can use the same amount of unsalted softened butter.

The amount of clarified butter used is quite a lot. But this amount is absolutely important for this pudding. I assure you this, very unhealthy, artery clogging amount infact makes the pudding all the more delicious! 

For the halwa (pudding):

3 Cups Carrot (Shredded)
1 cup Clarified Butter/Ghee
Handful of raisins and cashews
1 Can condensed milk (sweetened)
3 cups full fat milk
1 tbsp Sugar
½ tsp cardamom powder
A pinch of salt

Take a heavy bottomed pan and heat the clarified butter in it. Add the raisins and the cashews and sauté them until they are brown. At this point the heat should be at medium high, stir in the carrots and make sure you keep stirring it until the carrots are glistening with the clarified butter. Lower the heat, sprinkle the salt and sugar. Mix thoroughly. The color of the carrots will turn into lighter shade. Increase the heat to high, and stir until all the shredded carrots have changed color and turned into a mellow shade of amber.

This is the tricky bit. We have to treat this like risotto, add a ladle of milk at a time until it’s evaporated. For the first few (6-8) ladles, keep the heat on high and keep stirring. We don’t want the milk to stick to the bottom or it will give a burnt aroma to our pudding. Once the milk had evaporated, add remaining milk one cup at a time. Once all the milk has evaporated, add the can of condensed milk. I always add this according to how much sweetness I want in my dessert. In case you like it to be sweeter, you can always add extra condensed milk.

Let the condensed milk dry off a little. We do not want liquid-y pudding. When you see the fat, in this case the Ghee, separating from the pudding, your dessert is ready. It is very important for the fat to separate as it is an indication that the carrots are completely cooked and the milk has been well evaporated.

Turn off the heat and sprinkle the cardamom powder.

Serve hot or warm after a scrumptious meal.. !