Monday, 18 February 2013

“Patisserie Opera” – Ulubari, G. S. Road, Guwahati – 781007 (Ph - +918751954362)

Just a month back, I was sitting at my office desk and wondering or rather day dreaming about making some beautiful Tiramisu at home. Of course that is not possible because there is no place where I can get some fresh Mascarpone cheese or Lady fingers. So I quit the idea and went to a nearby bakery in Cheenikuthi, (a newly opened gloatingly promising yet unpleasant to me) Guwahati to satisfy my craving. Day after day passes and all we get is old fashioned cake or a roulade.  

Something caught my attention when I was driving by Ulubari. A shiny new cake haven! Looking at it was an absolute delight and I decided to come back. The place is very alluring and extremely welcoming. I was ushered into a world of very different (by standards of other Guwahati bakeries) world where I could see my dreams taking its shape into beautiful, mouth watering, scrumptious cakes and other bakes.

All I am going to use about my description of this place is salivatingly sweet and mouth-wateringly gorgeous. I was happy and pleased looking at their pamphlet as it was promisingly very adept. Firstly, lets look at the collection of various cakes/pastries/deserts. An array of cakes are available -  very unconventional for a place like Guwahati yet tasty and necessary. I was particularly pulled towards Tiramisu (1st of its kind in Guwahati), cheesecake and White forest. The Tiramisu is good but it could be better. I felt that I was a little runny for my taste. Also, I think the level of sugar has to be adjusted as everything is too sweet. The cheesecake is beautifully smooth and the white forest needs a little work on the use of too much whipped cream. The taste of cherries are not very pronounced. But my overall view about the cake section is amazingly new (to Guwahati) and worth a try.

Going to the Biscuit section now, oh!! It was a love at first sight for me. The butter biscuits are a melt in your mouth experience.  Its smooth, sweet and buttery – everything that a butter biscuit should consist. The cinnamon sticks are so crunchy that once you start eating, its hard for you to stop. I would like to use the word Christmasy for the cinnamon sticks because it reminds me of Christmas. With a cup of good tea, Cinnamon sticks would be warm and cosy. Finally, I would like to mention the almond biscotti. It was good and I thought it was the right amount of sweet for me. The lingering taste of almond makes you want to go back to it again and again.

I, also, tried the butter croissant and wasn’t completely happy with it. It felt more like normal bread that layered sheets of yeast leavened puff pastry. However, the paneer patty and vegetable patty was a complete delight when it is warm. But, when it starts to cool down, it becomes very dense and heavy. The fat gets collected at the bottom and that problem needs to be addressed. Taste wise I would rate it a 8 out of 10.
I had a smoothie and it was good. The taste was silkenly beautiful although because of the use of water in the smoothie, it separates when the glass is left to stand for a few seconds. Also, I would recommend the use of fresh fruits instead of a processed pulp as it could be more beneficial health wise.

Overall, it is a place worth trying though on the first go it might feel like a little overpriced. I am stupendously happy about Patisserie Operaa. I would like to keep going to that place for their almond biscotti, fresh bakes and wonderful assortment of pastries!!!

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