Monday, 18 February 2013

Cream Centre, Guwahati

Cream Centre, Guwahati

Since the time "Cream Center" opened its door to Guwahati, Assam, it captured my keen interest. Everywhere I go, from gyms to salons, Cream Center managed to make a striking appearance in its advertisement boards. The offers and deals too seemed very attractive to me. Being a Non - vegetarian, I kept weighing my pros and cons before walking into this vegetarian restaurant. Finally, I decided to give it a go.

The first impression I got, as soon as I walked in through the doors, were about the interiors. It was done well which in turn added to having a good ambiance. It was quite clean at first and then I started noticing the floors which was dirty. Maybe I reached after 2.30pm and that could be a reason for not keeping clean floors. It was littered with food that must have fallen from servers trays. So, after noticing all that I realized that my impression did not remain the same.

Letting all the dirt out of my mind, I decided to look at the menu. The menu was presentable, but it did have quite a number of spelling mistakes on it. For instance, cashews were spelled as cashews. For me, a restaurant must have a presentable menu with no spelling errors in it. I must say it was downhill from then on.

The menu had quite a number of items on it that is new to Guwahati and I honestly was very keen on giving it a try. However, the dirt and the errors in the menu already let me down. But, again a restaurant is all about the food so I ordered the starters.

I ordered American Corn Cheese Balls and Nachos with Mexican beans for starters. The cheese balls were tasteless - either the cheese they used wasn't very flavorful or the corn wasn't fresh. It was only with ketchup that I could taste something (I tasted only ketchup!). The nachos were deep fried with Red kidney beans and melted cheese on it. And I was shocked when I could taste Maggi Masala in the beans. I do not think Mexicans use Maggi Masala/seasoning in their beans. The nachos were of the lowest quality. I could not taste the real nachos, it felt like having regular whole wheat chips that were deep fried. The melted cheese too was a disaster. It tasted like nothing! 

The main course was a mini thali. Oh ! What a disaster. That was a real shame. It consisted of a Dal, Rice, Paneer, Mix veggies, parantha and Raita. The Jeera Rice was overloaded with Cumin so much so that it tasted only of Cumin and the rice that they used looked and tasted stale to me.  I could only taste red chillies in the paneer though the quality of the paneer wasn't that bad. The Mix veggies was a complete yuck yuck to me because they were overdone, the yoghurt gravy was split and here also I could taste the excess of red chillies thus making it taste sickeningly disgusting to me. The parantha was also a let down because it was burnt and the sides weren't well done. The raita was a complete shock because the yoghurt they used was old and sour. It also had a very strikingly acidic taste to it thus, making it obvious that it was stale.

I decided to skip dessert and not make my stomach suffer anymore!!

I am not going back to that God awful disgusting place in my life. It is over priced with extremely bad and stale food. Even after a day of eating that dirty and musty food, I can still feel my stomach on fire. Fruits salts also couldn't help my stomach clear that mess !!

Beware of visiting Cream Center!

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