Monday, 2 January 2012

Food :)

Its quite surprising how I started loving something that was already present in my day to day life. I love food so much now that I like to experiment in the kitchen with different ingredients. Belonging to a tropical paradise, I saw a lot of ingredients that was not available in the rest of the world and that went unnoticed until just recently.

Year - 1997, age - 10. It was a Sunday, I must point out that it was a boring one. It was about lunch time and I went into the kitchen. The maid already prepared an array of Assamese dishes for lunch and yet I wasn't very happy with her selection. I decided to try and make a sabzi with pointed gourd (parwal) and yogurt. At first, I was very confused because pointed gourd in my house was always eaten with a lot of spices mixed in it or just fried with potatoes in it. The idea of using yogurt was initially laughed at by my maid. I dismissed her laughter and got to work. I made a parwal yogurt curry that was a little more salty than I would want but it did not taste bad though it might not have tasted like million dollar food.
At that moment, I realized I could COOK !!!!!!!!!!!!
I ventured into the food world further as I grew up......
My experiments in the kitchen never ended after that.
15 years after my first encounter in the kitchen, I still love to cook and I still am very much in love with food.

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